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Lentils are a teeny tiny food with giant taste and health benefits. Lentils are the tiny disc shaped cousin of peas and beans. They’re originally from the Mediterranean region but are enjoyed all over the world from India to Africa and of course America. Grown in the cold climes of Canada, lentils find a happy home in Saskatchewan. Anyone been there? I’ve actually been to the festive city of Saskatoon twice! I’m thrilled to be working with my friends at to serve up the big news on this tiny treat.

I do get around and the best part of traveling and meeting farmers and food producers around the world is learning about how foods grow and the best and most interesting ways to dig in and enjoy them.

So let’s learn about lentils.

Turkey and Lentil Lettuce Wraps with Asian flavors. If you love lentil soup you’ll really love this Coconut and Sweet Potato Lentil Soup,


Their Simply Delicious! 

Lentils are the star in the kitchen of NBC Atlanta & Company with Christine Pullara. Click HERE to watch the show.


Simplicity –

  • Lentils are quick and easy to cook
  • They do not require soaking like other pulses
  • cooked on the stovetop similar to rice (rinse, simmer, serve)
  • 5-7 minutes for split red, 15-20 minutes for whole green
  • Convenient products available in various grocery stores include canned lentils, and steamed/pre-cooked pouches

Here’s the math on cooking lentils. One plus Three equals Two!!!

1 cup of uncooked lentils + 3 cups of water = 2 cups cooked lentils

Lentils are Terrifically Nutritious! 

A great source of protein, one half cup of uncooked lentils contains 22 grams of protein and 10 grams of fiber. Other key nutrients in lentils include iron, folate and potassium. So these tiny lentils have giant health benefits. No fat, no sodium and no cholesterol of course.

Make a batch of cooked lentils to add to recipes such as adding lentils to an on the go salad ready for desk side or park side!


A great way to add lentil taste and nutrition to dishes is to combine them with meats such as this Lentil Bolognese sauce for pasta. Cooked green lentils help extend the beef used in the recipe and add great flavor and nutrition. Here’s a link to the recipe. Don’t forget the red wine!

Lentil Bolognese with ground beef, green lentils, fennel and red wine. Fettuccine fabulous!


Loving Lentils in So Many Ways!

Turkey Lentil Lettuce wraps with red lentils.

Versatility –

  • Lentils can be the stars of so many dishes beyond just soups and curries – try them for breakfast, entrees, dips/spreads. More recipes at Even recipes for smoothies, egg dishes and desserts!

Roasted red pepper red lentil dip.


Here are Links to the Above Recipes and More!!

Rainbow Lentil Mason Jar Salad. I show you how to create the salad presentation easily on Atlanta & Company.